Adobe Creative Jam

Nice Things, the Game


Race against the clock to create a mobile app in three hours.
No further direction; the sky is the limit!

My Role

Visual Design


Adobe XD for Prototyping

The Problem

Adobe Creative Jam is a creative event where two-person teams compete around a theme and design problem under a tight time constraint. Myself and my teammate Taylor Cashdan competed in the UX-focused competition to create an app within three hours around the prompt, "This is why you can't have nice things."

The Solution

Taylor and I decided to gamify the prompt and created an experience for three or more people. The rules were simple, everyone was assigned a role: Truther, Derailer, or Guesser. The Truther and the Derailer is given the same object to describe to the Guesser. The Guesser’s responsibility is to guess the item before the end of the time limit. The Truther’s job is to describe the item, to the best of their ability, one sentence at a time. The Derailer’s job is to try and mislead the Guesser by describing the item incorrectly, but without giving away their role. The twist: The Truther and the Derailer can only describe the item one statement at a time, back and forth.


Adobe Creative Jam was a lesson in trusting your first instinct and then running with it. Taylor and I were lucky enough that we ended up winning both Overall Winner and 2nd Place in People's Choice! 

The Problem

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