My name is Caitlin Atteberry, I'm a Senior Product Designer who solves problems though cross-functional collaboration, an iterative design process, and sprinkling of humor.

I currently work at K4Connect, a mission-driven company that aims to serve and empower older adults and individuals living with disabilities. I am passionate about building empathy within product development teams and bringing together cross-functional teams in order to solve real user problems as an organization.

My Design Process

1. Empathize

Empathizing with users through research (whether large initiatives, or a "just enough" approach): I aim to demystify this stage by inviting product development team members to sit in and participate in the process.

2. DEfine

Synthesizing the research conducted to identify the users' biggest problem areas: I strive to publicize this information at Sprint Reviews or other formalized reviews to highlight the importance of user research as a necessary and expected step in the product development cycle.


Idea generation phase: Depending on the complexity of the work, sometimes this means a large-scale Discovery workshop with Customer Experience and Engineering and sometimes this means a quick working session with a few fellow designers close to the problem.

4. Prototype

Visualizing the ideas: The fidelity of the prototype should match the research objectives, whether it be a simple tree map for validating information architecture, or a pixel-perfect mockups to understand if visual hierarchy and microinterations resonate with users.

5. TEst

Testing with user to turn your educated guess and validated conclusion: It's important to include product development team members to this stage to increase understanding of paint points and build empathy.

Caitlin Atteberry