K4Community Team Hub IA


Create an intuitive navigation experience for Staff Members, create visual consistency across product offerings, allow navigation flexibility for future feature development, and align IA with go-to-market strategy.

My Role

User Research
Usability Testing
Visual Design


Google Sheets | Tree Testing
Usertesting.com | User Testing
Figma | Prototyping & User Testing


The K4Community Team Hub is the command center for Staff at Senior Living communities. Through this redesign, we aimed to increase the speed and flexibility of the Team Hub by rebuilding it in React, future-proof the IA with considerations for upcoming feature development, create a more intuitive workflow for Staff Members, and modernize the look and feel of the Team Hub. Through this process we also collaborated with our Marketing and Growth departments to make sure our go to market strategy and product offerings were in line with their presentation on the UI.

The K4Community Team Hub landing page pre-redesign


We hypothesized that grouping similar items (based on functionality and persona usage) into categories, as well as renaming navigational items to more simple, descriptive terms, would help with speed and comprehension in the Team Hub.

Research & Testing

Using Usertesting.com segments to mimic our Staff demographic, we performed an A/B/C tree test to see how these 3 different ways of categorization and naming performed against each other. We used Test A as a control, replicating the current Team Hub framework to see how Test B & C would compare. Users were asked to complete a series of scenarios by drilling down in the tree hierarchy until they found the place where they would complete the task. After we collected the results from each tree test, we created higher fidelity mockups with these new groupings and performed an A/B/C test to determine which presentation was most intuitive.

An example of one the final three navigation designs tested


We found that grouping similar tasks into higher order categories helped users find things more quickly universally. We found as much as a 36% improvement in time to complete task in tests B and C (with subcategories) than in A (current navigation, very few subcategories). Holistically, tests B/C were completed 4 minutes faster than Test A.

Users completed one task 36% more quickly [than the original architecture]
We also discovered that existing naming conventions did not perform well (such as "Insights" which housed reporting and analytics). Armed with this knowledge, we were able to create an improved information architecture for our Team Hub Staff users, and present a data-backed research presentation to leadership within the company.

Final navigation on landing page
Redesigned login page

The Problem

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