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Genesis Line Item Configuration

Enterprise software for creating advertising campaigns

The Problem

Genesis is internal tool used by Campaign Managers at Valassis to set up advertisement campaigns for their clients. Genesis was a top-to-bottom redesign of the pre-merger company's, Maxpoint, existing outdated Managed Service tool. With this redesign we aimed to increase speed and efficiency, reduce errors in campaign setup, vicariously reducing the company's operating costs, and improve our CMs' overall happiness to reduce turnover within the team.

The Solution

In this particular area of Genesis, known in full as Line Item Configuration, the Campaign Management Team can drill down into the details of the campaign, apply settings and launch campaigns. This piece of Genesis pivoting from Angular Material to React. This meant Google's Material Design previously had a heavy influence on the look and feel of our UI components, but now we had the freedom to branch out from a visual standpoint (while trying to maintain visual consistency with the older parts of Genesis).

In the following sample from Genesis: Line Item Setup, Campaign Managers were given a variety of controls to target advertisement campaigns to specific weeks, days, and even hours. Color was used for a visual indication of day versus night, in conjunction with a 24 hour clock, and quick reference terms above to give CMs as much assurance as possible when setting up complex campaigns.

"Day Parting" section of Genesis: Line Item Setup

Spec doc given to Development to outline all of the states of the day parting control.

In the following sample, we needed to be able to represent state within the app in a very granular way. There was high incidence of error in the previous tool because information would be left out or incorrectly entered. On top of that, campaigns had a mixture of required and not required information. We wanted a way for Campaign Managers to be able to clearly see what was necessary when setting up their campaigns, and have a way of checking off items they have completed. 

Spec doc given to Development to outline all of the tab states.

Caitlin Atteberry
The Problem

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